How to Apply for NZQA Assessment | IQA vs PAR

As some of you might know, when claiming points for your qualification (educational attainment) in your residence visa application, you need to obtain an assessment from NZQA – the government entity tasked to assess qualifications. This is equivalent to a World Education Services (WES) evaluation for Canadian resident visa. Unless your school is in the list of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment, then you need to take an NZQA assessment.

Most of the top schools in the Philippines are in the exempt list, but please note that qualification (degree) and the year it was awarded must match with the specifics in the list. For example, a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree holder from University of the Philippines Baguio awarded in year 2000 still need to take NZQA because only BS degrees awarded from 2003 are exempted.

In our case, my wife’s qualification is in the exemption list, but mine isn’t. I had to apply for assessment to claim points for my education. That is a huge 50 points for a Bachelor’s Degree.



Which assessment should I take? If you need to submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) right away, then you may have your Pre-Assessment Result (PAR). This will cost you 138 NZD (roughly 4,600 PHP), and you can get result in around 20 days. You don’t need to submit your documents to NZQA. They will assess your qualification based solely on the information you provided them. When you received your Invitation to Apply (ITA), the INZ (Immigration New Zealand) will still require you a full assessment through International Qualifications Assessment (IQA).

If you are not in a hurry to submit your EOI and want to save money, then you can apply for IQA straight away. I opted for this one and received the result after 35 days. It’s a case to case basis. According to NZQA, some applications may take up to 10 weeks.


Applying for IQA

Applying for IQA is easy. Here’s my guide:

Step 1: Create your account online via Qualification Recognition Services (QRS) online applications.

Step 2: Fill out and submit your online application. It helps to prepare the following:

  • Applicant Details – full name, email, mobile number, address
  • Qualification Details – name/degree, school name, address, year completed
  • High School (Secondary School) Details – high school name, address, year graduated
  • Work Experience – position held, employer name, employer address, date employed
  • Supporting Documents – passport
  • Payment Details – credit card to pay online. I paid 746 NZD (approximately 25,000 PHP)

Once application is submitted, a QRS application number will be assigned to you.

Step 3: Send your documents to NZQA. The documents that you need to submit may vary depending on the answers on your online application. Here are the documents I submitted:

  • NZQA Cover Sheet – You can download this online once you submitted your application. This contains your appilication ID (QRS Number) and a checklist of documents you need to provide to NZQA.

NZQA Cover Sheet

  • Award Certificates and Transcripts (Originals) – This is my Transcript of Records (TOR) and diploma.
  • School Documents (Original) – My high school diploma.
  • Identity Documents(Certified copies) – A certified true copy of my passport.
  • A prepaid courier bag

Send them

  • By Post
    Qualification Recognition Services
    New Zealand Qualifications Authority
    PO box 160, Wellington 6140
  • By Courier
    Qualification Recognition Services
    New Zealand Qualifications Authority
    125 The Terrace, Wellington 6011

Step 4: Wait for your assessment result to be delivered to you. You can track the status of your application online using your account.


NZQA International Qualifications Assessment
NZQA International Qualifications Assessment (IQA)


40 thoughts on “How to Apply for NZQA Assessment | IQA vs PAR

  1. Hello Sir,
    I am planning to apply for IQA Assessment, I can see my school in the list of exempt. But I’m not sure if my specialty (BS Information Technology 2012) is included. Do you have an idea if that specialty is included? Or i still need to apply for IQA assessment?

    1. Hi Julie! Thank you for visiting. Exemption from the list is dependent on school, degree and year of attainment. Medyo specific kasi yun requirements. Can you provide more info? You can send it to if you are not comfortable posting it here. Also, please note that our inputs are purely based on personal experience. It is always advisable to ask for help from an immigration professional.

  2. Hi po,
    I am applying for IQA this month.. I would like to ask if high school diploma is really required for the assessment? I still havent found my diploma yet

    1. Hi Cyril! I’m afraid it is a requirement. When you fill up the online form, there is a section for “School Qualifications” which I think is mandatory. At the later stage of the application it will show you the documents that you need to submit one of which is high school (secondary schoool) diploma. Also, if you check this link, you’ll see the following clause,

      NZQA requires original documents for all qualifications gained in all
      countries, and for all your work experiences. This includes:

      • Certificate of completion of final year at general or junior secondary

      Baka pwede ka mag-request sa school ng another copy?

      1. Hi Cyril,

        I have already submitted an IQA application for me and my wife just today and although I have filled up the online form to include my secondary qualification (High School), I was only required to submit my University diploma and Transcript of Records and nothing else. In addition to these, you will be required to submit a marriage certificate IF you have changed your name due to marriage.

        1. Guys, can anyone please tell me if it is okay to select “Not Applicable” sa GPA part? My University can only provide a GWA. Do I need to send my credentials to a third party bodies who is certified to do equivalency of GWA to GPA? Thanks!

      2. Hi JR, I called NZQA just today and asked if Secondary School Qualifications docs shall be sent as well, and someone named Michelle from NZQA told me that it is not needed.

        After reading your posts, now I am confused. Hindi kaya for Secondary or High-school Grads lang na gusto mag further study sa NZ ang required to send it?

        1. Hi Lyn, thanks for sharing your experience. This post is based from experience only, and NZQA has the final say about the documents always. After you fill up the online form, you will be asked to print a ‘Cover Sheet’ that you need to attach in the documents that you will submit to NZQA. This cover sheet also contains a checklist summary of documents that you need to submit. In my case, ‘school documents’ was in the list which in my understanding is ‘High School’ diploma (I could be wrong pero wala naman mawawala kung i-send ko yung diploma). This could and might differ in different cases.

          I’ve tried searching for other experiences as well. I found one who lost his high school diploma, and NZQA just asked him to hand write a letter explaining the situation.

  3. Dear
    I am Graduate Electrical Engineer and submitted my application last week to IQA and Submitted following documents
    My Master Degree & Transcript
    My Graduation Degree & Transcript
    My Higher Secondry School Certificate & Transcript
    My School Certificate & Transcript
    and Certified (true) copy of Passport


  4. Dear
    I am Graduate Electrical Engineer and submitted my application last week to IQA and Submitted following documents
    My Master Degree & Transcript
    My Graduation Degree & Transcript
    My Higher Secondry School Certificate & Transcript
    My School Certificate & Transcript
    and Certified (true) copy of Passport


  5. Hi! I’m starting to fill the PAR application online but there are questions like Grade Point Average? * &
    Division/ Class? * which is I don’t have any idea where to find it. 🙁

    thank you!

    1. Hi Kat, sorry but I can’t remember this part anymore. I have a feeling that my answer was Not Applicable or I might have left it blank. I suggest that you contact the NZQA just to be sure.

    2. Hi Kat. May I know if you have answered N/A to the “Division/Class” field? I am also applying for PAR, and am not sure of this. Thanks. – Ace

  6. Hello JR,

    I recieved my ITA but the information in my ITA is a bit confusing. I graduated with BS in Computer Science in DLSU. As i understand it its part of the “List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment”. But here comes the confusing part in my ITA it states that I must submit at least the following.

    “An International Qualification Assessment (IQA) from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority stating the comparable qualification on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) as set out on the Long Term Skill Shortage List (attached). This is required even if your qualification is contained on the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment as it is needed to determine if your qualification is comparable to one of the qualifications contained on the LTSSL;”

    but in the Personalized document checklist it states that for qualifications I see

    “Original or certified copies of your qualification certificate and academic transcript. If your qualification is not on the List of Qualifications Exempt From Assessment (see Appendix 3 of the Operational Manual) or the List of Qualifications Recognised as an Exception (see Appendix 8 of our Operational Manual), you must also submit a full NZQA International Qualifications Assessment.See also:

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Alden, thanks for posting your query. I’m assuming that you claimed bonus points for “absolute skills shortage” in your EOI. In this case, you must meet the specific requirements of LTSSL.

      “Note 1” in the last page of this guide says,

      “Overseas qualifications must be comparable to the standard of the New Zealand qualification
      listed or a qualification listed in the New Zealand Standard Classification of Education. An International Qualification Assessment
      (IQA) from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority will state the comparable
      NZQF qualification. ”

      You can confirm it with your case officer. Good luck!

  7. Hi! I would just like to ask if you get your Diploma and TOR authenticated and submit it with the original one when you applied for IQA? Or there’s no need to have it authenticated as long as you will send the original docs (for Diploma and TOR)? Thank you. 🙂

  8. Hi

    How to claim wife 20 points ,as she is not main applicant

    Se has BS biotechnology and informatics 4 years programme from Pakistan

    2nd ,how much score she needs in IELTS

    Please advise

  9. Hi,

    I am a graduate of BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering. GPA is not available in my Transcript of Records, can i just tick Not Applicable?


    1. Hi Di,

      Yup, just what I did… It turned out okay naman. They assessed mine as Bachelors Degree (480 credits), but with provision to take IPENZ. ECE din ako. Now I am working on my IPENZ… you got ITA?

      1. Hi Lynus,

        Thanks for the reply. I don’t have ITA yet. My work is not related to my degree, I am working as a Software Tester. Will that matter? I’m still on the process of completing PAR and EOI.

          1. Hi Lynus,

            I’ve just learned about the EOI threshold points today, unfortunately mine didnt reache 160 🙁 so i’m thinking of other options now.

        1. Hi, im an electronics engineer but my current position is electronics technician – absolute shortage list- and my school is on the list of exempt qualification. My question is where am i going to start my application. Thanks in advance.

        2. Hi, im an electronics engineer but my current position is electronics technician which is listed on the absolute shortage list and my school is on the list of exempt qualification. My question is where am i going to start my application. Thanks in advance.

  10. Hi,

    Would just like to add this information for the benefit of those seeking this particular information.

    I applied for an IQA assessment just last week for my Bachelor’s degree and after paying for it and viewed the submitted application details, it takes me to a page that shows the summary of the details you entered plus the documents that will be reviewed. What was confusing was the following, where the school qualification (for my secondary school) has a ‘count’ for documents, same way as how it’s seen in Qualifications to be Assessed. So I emailed NZQA if I still have to submit my secondary school documents such as diploma and transcript of records and they returned to me saying these are no longer required.

    I hope this gives you peace of mind 🙂

    School Qualifications
    Qualification Name High school certificate
    Original Certificate Count 0
    Translated Certificate Count 0
    Original Transcript Count 0
    Translated Transcript Count 0
    Course Admission Basis

  11. Hi Sir,
    I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. In the application for international qualification assesment there is a ‘Grade Point Average’ needed to be filled in. How do I compute for this? In my TOR, the grades are in numerical value instead of percentage value. So i computed and the result was 2.25 and i inputed it in the form but it said that the GPA needs to be in this format ‘nnn.nn’ .

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