Declaring Health Issues on Your NZ Visa Application

Medical Exam was the most worrying part of our visa application for me. I am pretty fit but I couldn’t help but think that they might find something wrong with me. Another thing that troubled me was that I have hypothyroidism (under active thyroid which requires me to take hormone supplement for life).

So here’s what I did first. I googled for anyone who have the same condition and checked if they declared it or if it was a cause for visa rejection. In several forums, there are people with the same condition that say it should not be a cause for concern. As long as it is controlled, then absolutely no problem whatsoever.  They just declared everything and submitted a doctor’s certificate. Besides, it says in the Visa Health Requirement that acceptable standard is that you are

  • unlikely to be a danger to public health
  • unlikely to impose significant costs or demands on New Zealand’s health services or special education services
  • able to perform the functions for which you have been granted.

What they are looking for actually are those terminal illness like Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, HIV, kidney problems, etc. In any case, I declared in the questionnaire that I am taking levothyroxine for my thyroid.

It is important to make sure that you bring the following:

  1. Detailed medical certificate from your endocrinologist. The one that I had in hand was handwritten and does not have some of the details required so I had to go back to my endocrinologist to ask for a new one.
Medical Certificate Template
Medical Certificate Template from St. Lukes Extension Clinic

2. Recent thyroid ultrasound

3. Recent thyroid tests (FT3, FT4, TSH)

I was given 7 days to email the above list to After 11 days, I received an automated email from eMedical which says that the health results has been completed and submitted to INZ.


* We had our medical exam in St. Luke’s Extension Clinic in Global City.

If you had the same experience, please feel free to share! 🙂


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